Express 应用的进程管理器

¥Process managers for Express apps

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当你运行用于生产的 Express 应用时,使用进程管理器有助于:

¥When you run Express apps for production, it is helpful to use a process manager to:

进程管理器有点像应用服务器:它是应用的 “container”,可促进部署、提供高可用性并使你能够在运行时管理应用。

¥A process manager is somewhat like an application server: it’s a “container” for applications that facilitates deployment, provides high availability, and enables you to manage the application at runtime.

Express 和其他 Node.js 应用最流行的进程管理器是:

¥The most popular process managers for Express and other Node.js applications are: